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Alumni share their latest book, program, and podcast discoveries


Gail Andrews (’84)
Director Emerita
Birmingham Museum of Art

American Dirt, by Jeanine Cummins

“I was totally caught up in this gripping story of a mother and child trying to escape the wrath of the drug cartel that is ignited by her husband’s reveal of their leader. Their story, set in Mexico, and those of the individuals they met as they travel north, was extremely compelling. It offered vivid and emotional insights into the struggles one would face in making such a decision. I understand and appreciate the criticism the book has received for the author’s lack of ethnicity, which the author acknowledges and addresses, but I still recommend it for the deep understanding I gleaned from this vivid novel.”

Birmingham Mountain Radio

“I love their selection of music and introduction to a number of local artists. Reg, one of the morning hosts, was a crucial partner in the development of the museum’s Art on the Rocks.”


Srikanth Karra (’22)
Chief Information Officer
Jefferson County Commission

Seeing Around Corners: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen,
by Rita McGrath

“This book explains the paradigmatic shifts in the business landscape, or inflection points, that can either create new opportunities or lead to devastating consequences. Armed with the right perspectives and tools, smart leaders can anticipate inflection points and leverage them to create a real competitive advantage and can position their organizations and themselves for success.”

Business Wars, a Wondery podcast

“I’m fascinated and intrigued by real-world business stories about fierce rivalries and competition between companies — the ‘survival of the fittest.’”


John Banks (YLF ’12)
Balch and Bingham

The Radical King, by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., edited by Cornel West

“This is a collection of excerpts from sermons, speeches, and essays by Dr. King, most of which were not recorded during his lifetime. While we always hear much of Dr. King on his day in January and during Black History Month, that is only a select part of his works and legacy. This book has been a great way to hear different parts of his ideologies across his development as
a leader.”

The Wire, HBO series

“I’ve watched this show a handful of times, but I always see or hear something differently each time I watch it. It’s easily one of the best shows that was ever produced, featuring some great actors and a deeply connected storyline.”


Behind the Screens:

Two films by Leadership Birmingham alum are 2023 Southeast Emmy Award nominees. 


T. Marie King (’23), director of youth pathways and experiences at Jones Valley Teaching Farm, is a producer for Shuttlesworth, the Alabama Public Television documentary chronicling the life story of the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, the iconic Birmingham civil rights leader.

Norman Jetmundsen (’08), retired vice president/associate general counsel at Vulcan Materials Company, premiered Unrivaled: Sewanee 1899. The documentary about the legendary University of the South football team that achieved a 12-0 season in the sport’s early days—defeating Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss, and Texas, among others—has shown at film festivals and on Alabama Public Television.





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